Our lives aside from the photography & videography business are just as crazy busy as wedding season! 

March 2022 we decided to sell our home in Idaho and move 2,000 miles to buy 111 acres of our dream property! We call Kentucky home now and love to explore the property with our three dogs; Dixie, Hank & Brooks! With that much property there is always a project to be done so in free time we are improving what I like to call "The Homestead". 
Gavin works full time as an Iron worker, and I dedicate my time to photography and to raising our son! So our lives are anything but dull and boring. We are constantly working and the property keeps us busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Starting from the true beginning of my photo & video passion would mean going back to an 8-year-old version of myself, lining up my stuffed animals and using a disposable camera to take portraits of them, Fast forward about 5 years, my passion turned into taking some senior photos of my sister. Then 8 years after that it was editing my best friend's wedding photos, to current day photographing weddings, and portraits, curating stunning wedding videos and running a business I am proud of!

Gavin joined the team about 6 months into business, after I had asked him to take some photos of me for headshots. He quickly started enjoying the creativity that went into photography and videography. He is very detail oriented so there is no surprise that he has a great eye for composition. 

Today we make a team that captures every story and delivers galleries that are full of beautifully composed portraits, celebrations of moments in life and all of the emotional glimpses into your Story! 

Mckinsey & Gavin

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The Storytelling Photographers in Kentucky

Do you value your photos, and dream of epic portraits of you and your loved ones? Have you dreamed of your wedding day since you were a child? Are you welcoming a little miracle? Do you feel like life is flashing before your eyes and you want to capture the moment? Can you imagine saying "I do" at a beautiful venue with everyone you love to support you? 
Above everything, people choose to be Mckinsey Murray Brides, Seniors, and Families because they trust Us! They know that Gavin and I will capture every moment. They have faith that even on the rainiest of wedding days that our experience will still allow them to have epic photos. That even with screaming kids we will help the session run smoothly and capture authentic images. And lastly, they feel comfortable in front of our cameras because we ensure that we are more than your photographers but also your friends!
Being a Mckinsey Murray client is a choice and we are so thankful to those of you who love who we are as much as we love who you are! 

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